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Mid-Century Blue Lapis Prayer Beads

Product Description

An absolutely stunning and unique strand of midcentury lapis prayer beads upon a green fabric strand. Each bead is amazing in hue, fully saturated in a blue hue with varying intensity. 

Lapis historically is known to aid vision, and was ground up and used by Cleopatra as eyeshadow. Lapis is associated with the brow chakra in the spiritual realm. The green fabric strand serves as a great contrast to the blue beads, and is frayed at the ends to add an eclectic flair to the prayer bead strand. The length of the strand is 36”.

These beads can be used as a spiritual item, fashion accessory, collector’s item, or even as a unique home decor accent. The possibilities for this gorgeous strand are endless, and would be a marvelous fit for you no matter how you choose to use them for you or your home.

36” L 

$98.00 $155.00

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