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Set of Early 20th Century Depression Glass Cups

Product Description

A lovely set of seven glass cups comprised of depression glass, hailing from the early 20th century. Featuring a beautiful peach hue, these cups have delicately etched flowers wrapping around the circumference.

Depression glass was prominent around the start of the Great Depression, usually made of translucent glass material and given out to American citizens at a low cost or for free due to the economic downturn that overtook the nation at the time.

These glasses are translucent and feature detailed floral accents, bringing a more positive and upbeat demeanor to pieces that represented a darker time in the history of the United States. Historical yet whimsical, these cups make for a tasteful addition to any home and are as functional as they are alluring.


3.5” W x 3.5” D x 2.75” H

$45.00 $70.00

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